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A success story that began in 1947 in the port of Genoa. The founder Ottavio NOVELLA
had the intuition to follow the evolution of marine engines, and in particular of their power supply,
thus being one step ahead when there was the transition from coal to liquid fuels.


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The main activities are carried out for Calisa S.p.A. and Ciane S.p.A. and include:

Technical services - consultancy for newbuildings, follow-up of works, technical management of ships in service;

Complete management from the point of view of Security and Security with our DOC and specialized staff;

Manning services - search for maritime personnel, recruitment, placement, assistance of seafarers; choice and rotation of the same for different needs;

Administration services - administration and accounting, drafting of financial statements.

Oil response - management of anti-pollution equipment and materials for third parties.

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ciane s.p.a. bunker tankers owners

calisa s.p.a. oil chem tankers owners