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Ottavio Novella in the past...

Ottavio Novella - dal 1947 nel Porto di Genova

Back in 1947, a success story began in the port of Genoa. Ottavio Novella perceived by intuition that the evolution of marine engines feeding will soon have lead from coal to fuel. So, when this shifting took place, his company found itself a step forward from competitors.

Ottavio Novella - una storia di successo

Ottavio Novella - successo in diversi settori


Main activities provided for Calisa S.p.A. and Ciane S.p.A.include:

Technical services - Newbuilding consultancy, shipyard follow-up, technical surveys of vessels;

Full Management of Safety and Security with our DOC and expert superintendents;

Manning services
– seafarer research, recruitment, classification; crew assistance, choice and turnover;

Administration services
– administration, accounting, budgets.

ciane s.p.a. bunker tankers owners

calisa s.p.a. oil chem tankers owners